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Welcome to Mad's Rodeo Fashion:

From the Ranch to the Rodeo: Mad's Rodeo Fashion is for the Versatile Western Woman

There is a little west in all of us I have found.

The Birth of Mad's :

I found myself in a situation with my love for fashion, but also my love for horses, dually pickups, sunsets and rodeoing. My closet had everything from classic fit Wranglers to sparkly two-piece sets. I preferred (and still do) to spend my money on entry fees and my horses vs. investing in higher quality fashion pieces. I loved thrifting, but also loved buying exactly what I wanted new.

In 2019 I was living at my mom's and training barrel horses, plus taking any other outside horses in while I decided what direction I wanted to go. I had filled my WPRA permit that year and was a single gal having success at some rodeos and jackpots in my circuit. I was also making extra money-making Wranglers into shorts and revamping other vintage jeans too. My original idea for Mad's was to go that direction, with one-of-a-kind pieces, but now it has morphed into something all it's own. Mad's still loves vintage and one of a kind, but also loves collections that come in every size.

In 2019, I got a 1099 form from PayPal and decided it was time to make my little business official. Which is a whole other novel by itself!

The first things I had in my small inventory were unique vintage pieces like wranglers, Rockies and some vintage tops. I also had scrunchies and some turquoise jewelry pieces. Looking back on this journey, it started selling each piece individually, and now I can carry full runs in every size from extra small to 3x+ (Because beauty knows no limits).

Madalyn Porath on MS Strike Me Sixy

A lot of Things Happening at Once

In 2020, I met my now fiancé, Daxton. Again, that is a whole other novel I will have to expand on later. In a whirlwind, I moved to Owyhee, NV and took my little business with me. I had one rack of clothes and western blankets after a month or two in Nevada. I remember the feeling when it filled up for the first time! I felt like it was a whole store full. I would set a goal to mail so many packages per day. To those first customers who bought earrings, scrunchies and those first pieces of clothing, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

While taking over our living room for my little boutique, I also formed a great relationship and friendship to this day with our small-town post-office lady. I think I was really annoying at first to her. I still had my horses, my barrel horse training, sales and consignment, plus my fashion journey was growing every day.

Believe in Yourself

I just wanted this to serve as a quick hello, here I am with a little more backstory. I am always available for a chat or question. Thank you for supporting Mad's and all of my adventures.

Feel free to browse the site - I try to update it daily.


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